Hey all, are you feeling lucky? Well are ya punk? We are referring to the day everyone has luck! Some of what we are offering up.

Did you know we make our very own Lucky Lep Puddin’. Yup, it’s layers of our very own Irish Soda bread, vanilla pudding and Bailey’s Whip Cream. A warning don’t let that booze sneak up on you. Do not drive any heavy machinery or try to pick anyone up after consuming.

Pudding Alert!

Stuck in Brooklyn and craving some of our Stupid Good Banana Pudding, Chocolate Bomb or the Strawberry Lemon Trifle.  Have fear….Union Market now carries our Pudding!  Say What?

Fun Fact: You can order pudding for delivery on these platforms Maxdelivery.com Ubereats and Amazon Prime.  Want to pick up a pre-order In-Store check out Yelp Eat24.

Fun Fact #: You can mix 2 flavors in any size pudding cup that is a Small or larger.  Holy Cannoli!