Where are you located?

126 Rivington Street between Essex & Norfolk. The closest train is the F to Delancey. Walk 1 block North to Rivington and make a right.

What are your hours.

Monday-Thursday, 8am-10pm, Friday 8am-11pm, Saturday 10am-11pm and Sunday 10am-7pm. We reserve the right to close early, so call.

Are you a Nut Free Establishment?

No! We use all kinds of nuts and extracts in our products. Sorry.

Do you Deliver?

Yes, we use a courier service. There are no minimums but there is a delivery fee based on your location.

If we attempt to deliver your product and we have to wait more than 5 minutes.  You will be charged wait time based on fees incurred by the delivery service.  We will call you to let you know what is going on.

If we can not complete your delivery and it has to be returned to the store.  You will be charged 50% of your original delivery fee plus any incremental wait time charges incurred while we attempt to contact you or the recipient of a gift you might be sending.

When we ask you for multiple phone #’s for you or the person you are attempting to send a gift.  It isn’t because we are nosey, it is to ensure you or the recipient gets the delivery without it breaking the bank in delivery fees.

Prices:  Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
2 Hour Delivery Window
Rush orders are available for an additional $10.00
Last Delivery Window 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Additional fees may apply based on difficulty of delivery.

Weekend and evening deliveries are available for an additional fee.

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Do you ship out of this State?

Yes, we just started.  It’s not cheap but if you are interested, call to find out.  It’s a work in progress.

How many cupcakes can I get at a time?

How much money have you got? We have no max on how many cupcakes you can get, but we strongly suggest for large orders, calling ahead of time to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Is your product carried by anyone else?

Yes, if at 4am you are jonesing for us and you know were sleeping. Checkout Maxdelivery.com

Is there a price break if I order a 1/2 dozen or a dozen?

It doesn’t hurt to ask, but, the answer will always be No. 

Is this part of Magnolia or owned by them?


Do you make custom cakes and cupcakes?

Yes, please call ahead of time to order. 24 hours is usually good, but if you totally drop the ball and forget to order, just call us, we’ll see what we can do. Please note that our baking schedule changes daily and once we are done baking we are done. We will always try to accommodate you where possible.

A custom order for a cake that is done to your specifications (drawings, logos etc.). Pricing will be determined upon job details on cakes.

There is a $10.00 custom fee charge on Custom Cupcake orders. Any cupcake order that has certain colors, sprinkles, logos and icing on cupcakes that are not listed On The Sweet Menu!

Other charges may be in incurred upon job specifications.

If you place an order for a cake, cupcakes or any of our product and do not call us within 24 hours of your pick up or delivery to cancel you will be charged in full!

Are you cash only or do you accept credit cards?

Cash is great, but we also accept American Express, Visa & Mastercard. If you are placing an order and plan on picking up you will be asked for ID upon pick-up. All order will be charged in Advance. If you wish to pay cash on pick up. We will do an Authorization on the credit card given. The funds will be frozen up to 72 hours and at which time released. Unfortunately, there are some very shady people out there they want to use Your card and pretend to be You. This is for your own safety and ours as well.

Do you make anything fat, sugar-free, gluten free or anything free?


Do you have seating, sell coffee, teas & other drinks and do you still eat the cupcakes?

Yes, yes, yes and Oh Yeah!

Delivery orders with more than 4 dozen cupcakes, please contact the store to place your order (212) 995-1960.